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What  they say?

"My dream was to celebrate my 70th birthday with family and friend in my beloved second home ... Israel 

many children  were on my guest list. My  concern was to make them happy, as well as their parents 

Thats when DINDIN - Adina David, came into the plan!

When she came to meet with me, her enthusiasm, energy, professionalism and personality literally lit up the room, She listened to my needs, then offered a wonderful balance of activties for them 

Face painting, juggling, tattoo, glass blowing and rodeo ride!

Everything she arranged was most successful .A great time was had by all the kids.The adults enjoyed it just as much, if not more

 Adina and her staff were a great delighet to work with!"

Gloria Kafman

כל הזכויות שמורות 2007-2008